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Sustainability at Jabra

Green is the new yellow

Modern technology. We love it. But as a tech brand with a long history, we’d be the first to admit technology hasn’t always been sustainable.. We’re working on going truly green, though.


Part of the change

The UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development outlines 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They don’t all apply to Jabra, but as part of our commitment to the UN Global Compact, we’ve identified the five that do.

We’ll be working across our entire organisation to bake them into everything we do, say and make (and the Sustainability Team will definitely hold us to it – they mean business).

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for Jabra

3: Good health and well being
8: Decent work and economic growth
9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12: Responsible consumption and production
13: Climate action


Good health & well-being

From motion sensors for fitness tracking, to PeakStop™ hearing protection, our products are designed to support a happier and healthier life, whatever you’re using them for.

Inside Jabra, we comply strictly with regulations on chemical and hazardous substances, protecting our employees and ensuring a safe working environment for everyone.


Decent work & economic growth

We set high internal standards for fairness and we work closely with all of our suppliers to ensure that human and labour rights are protected. We carry out regular audits and through our commitment to the UN Global Compact, we ensure we’re always holding ourselves to the highest possible standards.


Industry, innovation & infrastructure

We operate right at the cutting edge, developing technology and services for the future and innovating our way to a more sustainable way of doing things. We understand the impact that large companies can have on the environment and we actively seek out new ways of doing things, to limit that impact.


Responsible consumption & production

We constantly review and evaluate the materials and processes we use to build our products. We have a robust set of policies and practices across areas such as conflict minerals, responsible sourcing and anti-corruption and we’re diligent in upholding these high standards across our entire value chain.


Climate action

We’re constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint through streamlining our activities and increasing efficiency in both manufacturing and distribution. As well as this, we develop products that help others do the same – using our video conferencing is up to 92% more climate friendly than holding that meeting in person*.

* “Climate footprint of a video meeting using Jabra PanaCast and comparison to face-to-face meeting” – 2.0 LCA Consultants for GN (2019)

Why do I work at Jabra? For me, it's not about profit margins. It's about taking responsibility for our products throughout the whole product life-cycle. The products we create have an environmental impact throughout their lives and I'm proud to work for a company that considers this impact at every single stage of product development.

— Albert Brønd, Sustainability engineer

Read more - Download (PDF)

The Jabra Promises

Taking action. Making an impact.

As anyone who knows us knows, we lead, we don’t follow. So, using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as our guide, we’ve made a few promises. These build on the solid foundation laid out by the UN, relating directly to the work we do and the technology we build.

The Jabra promises focus on the four priority areas where we believe we can make the greatest impact globally:

Promise 1: Measuring our products’ carbon footprint

Tech that gives back more than it takes

When you’re building products that are designed to help reduce carbon emissions by eliminating unnecessary travel, it’s important to consider the environmental impact of creating those products in the first place.

That’s why we measure the carbon footprint of our products against the carbon emissions potentially saved by using them. In 2019, an external consultancy* conducted an environmental life cycle assessment of our Jabra PanaCast camera. The report analysed the materials used, the manufacturing process, distribution and energy consumption, to determine PanaCast’s climate footprint.

1 return flight between NYC and London*
2600 hours of using Jabra PanaCast

* “Climate footprint of a video meeting using Jabra PanaCast and comparison to face-to-face meeting” – 2.0 LCA Consultants for GN (2019)

Promise 2: Considering the 6 dimensions of sustainability

We know there’s no ‘planet B’

The planet isn’t disposable, so the technology we build shouldn’t be, either. In order to protect the environment for future generations, it’s vital that we find ways to mitigate the impact that electronic devices can have – from packaging, to distribution, to disposal.

That’s why we actively consider the six dimensions of building sustainable technology, with every single device we create*.

Sustainable materials
Sustainable packaging
Sustainable production and distribution
Energy efficiency
Repairable durable
Recycle and reuse

We use a data-driven approach. We measure the carbon footprints of our products, to ensure we’re making the right decisions. We then use that data to make changes that will have the largest environmental impact, while meeting the requirements of our customers.

We’re switching to more sustainable materials for our products and packaging, as well as working towards being more transparent on the packaging about the carbon footprint of the products themselves. We build reliable, durable products that are built to last and we’re working to ensure we’ve considered repairability in every product we build. We also offer trade-in and recycling incentives to our customers. Through all of these initiatives and more, we’re working on building a more sustainable Jabra.

Promise 3: Managing our supply chain responsibly

Sustainability is a (supply) chain reaction

As a global company, we know that our impact extends far beyond these four (virtual) walls. That’s why we’ll only work with suppliers who uphold the UN Principles of Responsible Business.

We carry out annual audits with suppliers, with particular emphasis on the following areas:

CSR/Sustainability policies
Labour rights and conditions, including child and forced labour
Occupational health and safety
Business ethics
Environmental performance

Suppliers that fail or only pass conditionally, are given a chance to improve. But we don’t take it lightly; if they aren’t able to meet our high ethical standards, we simply won’t work with them.

Promise 4: Avoiding conflict minerals

Human rights come first

Building electronic devices requires the use of certain materials to make them work. Currently, our products contain tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold, all of which can be considered conflict minerals if they originate from mines controlled by military groups.

We require any supplier we work with to exclude conflict minerals originating from mines in military-controlled regions and to be able to clearly demonstrate how they’re doing this. At the same time, we’re using the five-step due diligence guidance laid out by OECD* to enforce a strict audit programme across every part of our value chain, to ensure your new headphones don’t come with a heavy conscience.

*The five-step due diligence guidance is described in “OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas”

Leading by example

We practice what we preach

Flexible and remote working has exploded recently, but this ain’t our first rodeo. In fact, we’ve been aligning priorities on the school run, brainstorming from five different countries at once and getting our work done from anywhere and everywhere, since The Backstreet Boys were still a thing (and Corona was just a brand of beer).

And since we’ve always believed that actions speak louder than words, we’ve committed to halving the carbon footprint of our employee air travel by the year 2025.

Reducing carbon emissions by reducing travel is something that runs much deeper than our products. It’s a way of life that we’ve been living and breathing for years.

Our certifications & accreditations

We’ve come a long way

Jabra already carries sustainability-focused certifications and accreditations in many key areas and we’re constantly working to grow and expand that list.
Here’s where we’re at today.

Reports and resources

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Product-related certificates

Product specific LCAs

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LCA Evolve2 85

Download (PDF)

LCA Evolve2 75

Download (PDF)

LCA Evolve2 65

Download (PDF)

LCA Evolve2 55

Download (PDF)

LCA Evolve2 50

Download (PDF)

LCA Evolve2 Buds

Download (PDF)

LCA Evolve2 40

Download (PDF)

LCA Evolve2 30

Download (PDF)

LCA PanaCast 50

Download (PDF)

LCA Speak2 75

Download (PDF)

LCA Speak2 40 & 55

Download (PDF)

LCA Speak 750

Download (PDF)

LCA PanaCast 20

Download (PDF)

Infographic (Evolve2 75/65/40/30)

Download (PDF)

Infographic (Evolve2 50 55 Buds
PanaCast 20 Speak2 40 55 75)

Download (PDF)

Infographic (Evolve2 85 Speak 750
PanaCast 50)

Download (PDF)

TCO certificates

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TCO Evolve2 30

Download (PDF)

TCO Evolve2 40

Download (PDF)

TCO Evolve2 65

Download (PDF)

TCO Evolve2 75

Download (PDF)

TCO Evolve2 85

Download (PDF)

WEEE policy

Download (PDF)

Compliance and CMRT

CMRT and CRT report

Download (PDF)

Ecovadis certificates

Download (PDF)

ISO certifications

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GN (Audio) ISO 14001 Certificate

Download (PDF)

GN (Audio) ISO 45001 Certificate

Download (PDF)

GN (Audio) ISO 9001 Certificate

Download (PDF)


GN Audio Code of Conduct

Download (PDF)

GN Audio Quality Policy

Download (PDF)

GN Audio Responsible Sourcing Policy

Download (PDF)

GN Ethics Guide

Download (PDF)

GN Sustainability Policy

Download (PDF)

GN Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking
in the Supply Chain Policy

Download (PDF)

RBA statement

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